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Gadsden FlagDon't Tread on Me

The Gadsden Flag

Gadsden Flag Tattoos

It’s been a full year since I did a tattoo update. Dozens of people have sent me great Don’t Tread on Me tattoos since June 2010, and here I am, finally sharing them.

Caleb's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

Caleb L. is a platoon leader in the U.S. Army Cavalry stationed at Ft. Knox.

Caleb wrote, “I actually just handed my tattoo artist a printout of all the tattoos from your website and asked him to draw something similar but different, and this is what he came up with… hopefully my tattoo can help someone else choose theirs as well.”


Ronin's Gadsden tattoo

This fantastic sleeve belongs to Ronin from Northern Virginia. We spoke years ago when he was first considering it. Now that it’s done, it’s a masterpiece!

Ronin notes, “all thirteen rattles are on the snake, the ghostly skulls are for the men and women who gave all for rights, there is even one hidden in there wearing a tri-corn hat.”

Ronin's Gadsden tattoo

The artist that did Ronin’s sleeve is named Charon. In Ronin’s area she tattoos at Marlowe Ink, in Fairfax, VA, but she travels the country.

Ronin says, “Check out her site. [] She’s also a sword swallower, and a carney. She is pure awesome.”

She is pure awesome.” I love that. :-)

Andy's Gadsden tattoo

Andy Lewis from St. Louis, Missouri, got this tattoo on his left underarm at Iron Age Tattoo.

Big Joe's Gadsden tattoo

Big Joe is a 20-year Navy veteran, retired since 1996. His career started with the evacuation of Saigon and ended with Operation Desert Storm (Gulf War I).

Joe says, “I firmly believe in the US Constitution, as written, and feel it’s slipping away now bit by bit. All the arduous service that I and my freedom loving military brethren down through our nation’s history have sacrificed so much for is now being usurped and discarded. In a word, disrespected!”

His tattoo was done by Brian at Ink Obsessions, Cookstown, NJ.

Andrew's DTOM tattoo

Andrew F. from Des Moines, Iowa, has this amazing piece of artwork on his left side.

“I wanted the Gadsden flag, but didn’t want the same as everyone else’s. I had a tattoo artist draw this up, add his own twist to it, and had it done.”

Ken's Gadsden tattoo

Ken B. from Virginia says this is his first tattoo. The artist was recommended by his daughter.

“I thought of the Gadsden-type tattoo, because I’m a patriot first, but chose to let the artist get creative. I’m glad I did; he took images that meant something to me and created a masterpiece. I was an airborne tanker in the Army, and my soon-to-be-ex-wife hates snakes. ;-)”

Corey's DTOM tattoo

Corey writes, “I’m full time Guard. Been serving in the military for six years. This symbol is something that has always fit me but now more than ever with our change towards socialism. For me it takes on many forms: it is gun rights, guts, freedom from tyranny, hate, whatever it is to to you. I wear it proudly. I refused to be over run by government, trodden on by liberal views. I’m sticking firm and proud to my Southern heritage and God-given rights. Men died for our country. Not just now but many wars before so we can live in freedom. I’m gonna uphold that. Tread on me and you will feel a bite and believe it will be venemous. This tat represents me an American.”

Corey’s tattoo was done by Sacred Art in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu near Waikiki Beach.

John's Gadsden tattoo

John A. got this tattoo on his right forearm.

“As an retired Army veteran, I’m proud to wear a symbol that defends our freedom.”

Mark at Snake Eyes Tattoo in Sierra Vista, AZ, is the artist.

Britton's Gadsden tattoo

Britton is from Lyndonville, Vermont. (Which, coincidentally, is where I went to college for two years.)

Britton writes, “I have always been a patriotic kind of guy and this tattoo shows my patriotism and that I don’t like to put up with government bullshit. The snake to me represents the little guy and the words ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ mean that the government should leave us the hell alone. I got this tattoo on leave from Afghanistan by an artist by the name of Bald Bill at Yankee Tattoo in Burlington VT. Great Artist.”

Dennis's Gadsden tattoo

Dennis from Geneseo, NY, writes, “This tattoo reminds me of the millions of men and women who have fought and died for the freedoms I now enjoy and makes me think ‘what am I willing to give up to pass those freedoms onto my children?’”

Dennis’s work was done by Jimmy at Expressive Ink in Dansville, NY.

Zachary's Gadsden tattoo

Zachary B. from Michigan checked out this site for ideas while designing his.

“I got it done by a very talented artist named David at Canvas Tattoo in Eagan, MN. I got it because it so clearly and simply sums up my basic political ideology. Live free or die trying.”

Joe's DTOM tattoo

Joe R. from New Mexico writes, “I finally got mine, and it was free-handed by Raphael Harrison. Close to my heart, this says it all. Liberty or Death my friends.”

Mike's Gadsden tattoo

Mike J. writes, “I got the tattoo for two reasons. It symbolizes defiance to people who would threaten our freedom and being a former Marine I like that it was used at the muster of the first United States Marines. It was done by Ben Rooks at Skinpricks Tattoos in Chattanooga, TN.”

Phil's Gadsden tattoo

Phil S. of Cleveland, Ohio, writes “I come from a big conservative family. There are no tattoos on any of us seven siblings. But when they saw this one, they all approved. … One of my teenage daughters designed the inside of the snake for me (she drew a very detailed version that I have on my wall).”

Jim's Gadsden tattoo

Jim C. is in the US Air Force. He got this awesome tattoo because, he says, “I love God, guns, and my country.”

David's DTOM tattoo

This wicked tattoo belongs to David Morris in Northern California.

“I got this tattoo because I love my country and I want all around me to know it. The sad thing is most Americans have no idea what this means. … We must protect our country and not let the minority rule the majority. For our children’s sake.”

David’s tattoo was done by Eric Cressy at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco.

Wallace's DTOM tattoo

Wallace Keeney from Flint, Michigan, had this clear message carved on his chest by Ryan Brown of Custom Ink and Steel.

Wallace writes, “I got this tattoo to be patriotic. I am about to enlist after my next semester of college. I want people to know that my country and myself are not to be tread on and that I am proud to be American!”


Rick's Gadsden tattoo

Rick R. is a Marine and a combat veteran. He writes, “I truly believe in my country. I am a diehard patriot. It’s beautiful to know there are so many more! … SEMPER FI! LIBERTY OR DEATH!”

William's DTOM tattoo

William K. writes, “I am not a bandwagon-jumper or some political affiliate, just a downhome New Hampshire-born patriot who loves his country, family, and guns!”

The tattoo was done by Mike, aka EZMoney, at Combat Ink in Loveland, Colorado.

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