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Marc Conklin of Midlothian, Virginia put the Gadsden flag on a kite he made. I thought it was so interesting I decided to share his message to me. Here it is (from June 18, 2003) --Chris Whitten


A few months back, I emailed you and asked for a high-res version of the Gadsden flag so I could use it for a kite I was making. You had indicated at the time you'd be interested in a picture, so here it is!

The kite is a Sanjo Rokakku kite. It's a Japanese design, and is a very good flyer. The Rokakku is also used for kite fighting, which is a pretty popular sport in Asia and parts of the Middle East. The idea is to either knock the other guy's kite out of the air or have your kite line cut his line. Basically, whoever touches the ground first loses! Anyway, I always thought that the Gadsden rattler would be very appropriate for a fighting kite.

The Gadsden Rokakku has been flown at several kite festivals so far, but I haven't been able to fight it yet. It's going to another festival this weekend, and there may be a Rokakku battle there, if there is, it will most certainly jump into the fray!

Take care and thanks again,

Marc Conklin
Midlothian, VA

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