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Gadsden FlagDon't Tread on Me

The Gadsden Flag

Welcome to Gadsden.info, my website and blog devoted entirely to the Gadsden flag, the defiant "Don't Tread on Me" symbol of American independence and freedom.

I've been a fan of the Gadsden flag for years. I started this site in 2001 for other fans and as a way to help keep the spirit of the symbol alive.

In addition to the blog on this page, there are four content areas:

  1. The fascinating history of the Gadsden flag. This is as much as I've been able to gather through extensive personal research:

  2. Recommendations on the best places I know for buying Gadsden flags and related items:

  3. Free Gadsden flag downloads and resources:

  4. Interesting usages of the Gadsden flag and Don't Tread of Me symbolism:

Do you have a "Don't Tread on Me" tattoo or have you used the flag in an interesting way? E-mail me. I'd love to see it.

Yours in liberty,

Chris Whitten
Webmaster of WikiTree.com: The Free Online Family Tree

Don't Tread on Me Flags

Gadsden flag

My top recommendation for buying Gadsden flags is FlagLine. It's a family-owned mail-order business based in Colorado. Josef, the owner, has been serving customers I've sent him from this site since 2001. He's trustworthy and he has the best prices.

Don't Tread on Me Merchandise

Gadsden flag products Larry and Patrick at the Gadsden and Culpeper American Heritage Shoppe have the widest selection of Gadsden products I've ever found: t-shirts ... hats ... license plates ... magnets .... everything.

Everything I've gotten from them is high-quality and the prices are right.

If you tell them I sent you, they'll thrown in a free "Don't Tread on Me" sticker with any purchase.

Gadsden License Plates for Indiana?

January 17th, 2011

An anonymous Hoosier tipped me off to the news that Indiana State Senator Mike Delph has introduced legislation, SB 115, to make a Gadsden flag license plate an official option for Indiana drivers. As the liberty-loving Hoosier writes, “we are very hopeful that the bill gets passed, especially since it will cost no more than the normal license plate.”

As mentioned in November of last year, Virginia’s congress is considering a Gadsden license plate. Now Texas is considering it too. All this has driven Jim Simpson of BigGovernment.com to ask, “Gadsden Flag License Plates: A Nationwide Movement?“.

Gadsden Symbolism in Landmark Chicago Building

December 13th, 2010

Robert A. was visiting Chicago a few weeks ago and discovered something very interesting. He was sightseeing inside the ornate Chicago Cultural Center and noticed this frieze on the ceiling:
Don't Tread on Me Rotunda in Chicago

This is the Grand Army of the Republic Rotunda. Taking a closer look at the corner:
Don't Tread on Me Frieze in Chicago

Here’s a sharp photo someone else took of the Don’t Tread on Me frieze.

Is that neat, or what?

Robert and I are intrigued and want to learn more. I’ve never seen this combination of symbols before. Was it some flourish of the architect? Did the designer make it up, or reproduce it from somewhere?

The Chicago Cultural Center was opened in 1893. It was originally a dual-purpose building: a Chicago public library, and a museum/meeting hall for the Grand Army of the Republic veterans association.

Robert found a booklet entitled “The People’s Palace: The Story of the Chicago Cultural Center” which briefly mentions the rotunda:

“At the top of the stairway is the 45-foot by 50-foot Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Rotunda. The ceiling is embossed with plaster carvings of swords, shields, helmets, and flags. This ornamental heraldry serves to remind viewers of the loss that comes with war.”

That’s not much, and sounds a little bit like politically-correct pap to me. How does that frieze symbolize the loss that comes with war?

I find it interesting that these symbols aren’t from the Civil War. They’re from the American Revolution: the Liberty Cap, the Liberty Tree, and our Don’t Tread on Me snakes. To the degree that DTOM symbols were used in the Civil War, it’s my understanding that they were used by the South, not the North. This dome and hall were funded and used by the GAR, i.e. Union veterans.

Does anyone have insights?

Don’t Tread on Me License Plate

November 13th, 2010

I wish I lived in Virginia!

The Tea Party group “912 Richmond Va” is sponsoring a custom license plate for Virginia with the Gadsden flag. Is this awesome, or what? I love it.

Don't Tread on Me Virginia License Plate

The bill to create the Don’t Tread on Me plate still needs to be passed by the legislature and be signed into law by the governor, and 350 Virginia residents need to pre-order to plate. I really wish I could be one of them. I’d send in the paperwork today.

Click to 912 Richmond Va for all the details. Thanks to Deborah Griffin for pointing this out to us.

Change your Facebook profile pic to the Gadsden Flag

October 29th, 2010

Tommy Priestley is leading a great effort on Facebook. Hundreds of people will be changing their profile picture on November 1 and 2 to the Gadsden Flag, “to remind our friends to vote for candidates who will uphold our Constitution and adhere to the message written on the flag.”


Another Gadsden in Operation Iraqi Freedom

October 6th, 2010

Andrew Z. Luder (SSG) flew the Gadsden flag from his wrecker during the invasion of Iraq.

Gadsden flag in Iraq

Andrew write, “I was battalion recovery NCO for the 122nd Combat Engineer Battalion of the South Carolina National Guard, attached to the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment during the first year of Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

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