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Gadsden Flag in Pop Culture


Jake from Jericho The cult-hit show "Jericho" used the flag prominently in its second season. Tank0 created a bunch of Gadsden/Jericho images for other fans of the show.

The HBO miniseries "John Adams" also sparked renewed interest in the rattlesnake symbol, especially the "Join or Die" illustration. Thanks Hollywood!

DTOM Designer Clothing

Here's something super cool. "Don't Tread on Me" is now hip.

Two brothers in California, Tim and Luke Bauer, have created a designer line based on the DTOM slogan.

Dont tread on Chris Daughtry The Bauer brothers have got their roots in a gritty biker culture but their designs are so slick — and the message has so much resonance — that rock stars and Hollywood hipsters have started wearing their stuff. In the pic to the right is Chris Daughtry from American Idol wearing one of their shirts on MTV.

I've been speaking to Tim and he says if any of you put the code "1776" on the order form on their website they will include a free gift. It will be something like a poster, keychain, or sticker, but it will depend on what's available.

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