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Don’t Tread on Me Confederate Flag Clip Art

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Edwin from the Netherlands just made a wonderful addition to our Gadsden clip art collection. Check it out:

Don't Tread on Me confederate flag

He says he saw a “similar image once but that one was too crude (in color, detail and resolution) and certainly not fit for print and most important: it didn’t had all the stars visible, so I felt that I had to rework the image in order to make all stars visible and use the right colors of the Confederate battle flag.”

The above has been reduced in size. Here is a larger version (900 pixels wide), a super-sized version (6000 pixels wide) suitable for printing, and an SVG vector image file for graphic designers who want to make adjustments.

Edwin is generously offering the image to anyone, for any use.

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