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Gadsden FlagDon't Tread on Me

The Gadsden Flag

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New Don’t Tread Tats

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

It’s about time for our annual Gadsden tattoo update. I’ve been collecting the images that readers have e-mailed me and am finally sharing them.

The following tattoo belongs to Jessie James Marker from Saginaw, Michigan.

Jessie's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

Jessie says: “I got this tattoo to represent how I feel about our federal government. They are intruding on our daily lives more and more every month. With every piece of legislation passed, they are degrading the values of Liberty further and further. This is a reminder to anybody, including the Fed’s, to not mess with my life as long as I’m not messing with theirs.”

It’s such a little tattoo. I guess Jessie didn’t want to make too much of a statement with it.

Todd Burke is from South Jersey, near Atlantic City. (Hope you survived Hurricane Sandy OK, Todd.) This is his second tattoo:

Todd's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

I really like Todd’s tattoo. Highly original with lots of creative details. The way the snake is coming off the flag is awesome.

Todd says “I got it because it’s the original flag of the US and I feel it represents the beliefs our founding fathers fought for for our country. I also like it because today in modern times it is perceived as a rebel flag to our modern, corrupt government. ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ to me should be how the US should operate, don’t mess with us or we’ll mess you up. Similarly, if you don’t do anything to us we will leave you alone. Just like a rattlesnake.”

Stewart A. got his tattoo done by Rocky at MatSu Tattoo in Wasilla, Alaska. Now, I forget, how is that I know Wasilla? ;-)

Stewart's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

Stewart saw a similar one on our Gadsden tattoo archive but “didn’t like the cobra head, since there are no cobras in the US, and I wanted to include the 13 rattles.”

He referenced the quote attributed to Ben Franklin: “I confess I was wholly at a loss what to make of the rattles, ’till I went back and counted them and found them just thirteen, exactly the number of the Colonies united in America; and I recollected too that this was the only part … of the Snake which increased in numbers.”

For more on this see the Gadsden Flag History page.

Jeff Mitchell is from New Zealand. Here’s his colorful bit of American-inspired ink:

Jeff's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

Jeff writes, “I was fortunate enough to come across Alex Jones and many similar people (online), so I’ve known about the Gadsden Flag for years, and recently I made it a permanent part of my arm!”

This one was sent to me by 19-year-old Hayley, an active duty copy in US Air Force:

Hayley's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

Hayley writes, “I’ve always considered myself a Constitutionalist, and decide to live my life by the rights our founding forefathers gave us. I live in Illinois, which is the only state that doesn’t allow concealed carry of any kind. I found this tattoo only appropriate.”

Bruce M. got his tattoo done by James Rogers of the St. Louis Tattoo Company in Chesterfield, MO:

Bruce's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

Bruce told me an amusing story about when he was getting it: “While he was tattooing me I saw his cell phone desktop image and it was the Obama ‘08 election symbol with the tri color circle with ‘Change’ on it. I immediately thought I had the wrong guy tattooing me, I hoped at that point that he had no idea what DTOM symbolized. Eventually he told me he had designed a poster with the Obama design I saw on his cell pnone. He told me then that it said ‘Change It Back’ and was a protest against Obama. Brother was I relieved. James did a great job on my tattoo. I’m now thinking I will get the Gonzales flag tattooed on my left arm.”

The Gonzales flag Bruce is talking about is the fierce Texan “Come and Take It” with the cannon.

Cody C. “wanted to share my tattoo I got it because I love America and I am not happy with the path our growing government is taking us down.” Here it is:

Cody's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

Nice tat, Cody.

Sean M. from West Des Moines, Iowa, got his first tattoo a few weeks ago:

Sean's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

Sean writes, “I’m proud to be wearing it!”

Steve “The Lightning Man” Kalinowski got his in September 2011 at Black Orchid in Savannah, Georgia:

Steve's Don't Tread on Me tattoo

“I combined the Gadsden design with the crossed pistols of the US Army Military Police,” Steve writes. “I served as an MP from 1988 to 1992 and finally decided to commemorate my service.”

To browse the full collection of tattoos, here’s the archive and don’t miss the original page.

And be sure to send me a photo if you get one. I’m chris<--at--> Be sure to let me know if it would be OK for me to use the tattoo on this page and include a thing or two about yourself, what the tattoo means to you, why you got it, etc.

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