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Don't Tread on Riverdale

Dont Tread on Me flag in Riverdale This message is from the mayor of Riverdale, New Jersey. I generally don't care for politicians, but this makes me want to move to New Jersey so I can vote for him. --Chris Whitten

Sending you a photo of the flag that I fly in front of our municipal building in Riverdale, NJ.

I first put it up in place of the NJ state flag, because of the oppressive behavior of our state government. The regulations and mandates imposed upon the towns never ends and most of the time are meaningless, bureaucratic nonsense, whose only purpose is the increase the size of government and to remove as much money from the citizens, leaving them with little to withstand the oppressors. Then the state blames the small towns for the high property taxes in NJ. This flag went up about four years ago.

Personally, I am a Ron Paul Republican. Though I run as a Republican, I find little in common with the hierarchy of the GOP. I no longer refer to myself as a conservative, since the neo-cons have usurped the label and twisted its meaning. Now, when asked, I am a constitutionalist, a believer in the US Constitution, the greatest freedom document ever written by man, to be interpreted and upheld as intended by its authors, not some freedom-thieving court system.

I believe the Gadsden Flag, with its rich history symbolizing freedom and resistance to tyranny, should be flown along side the country's flag by all freedom-loving citizens. If enough people read and understand Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and fly the flag, I hope and pray that the movement to undo the coming Obamanation of Desolation will succeed.

Thanks for all you do in the name of freedom.

Wm. Budesheim

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